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If you're an up and coming or young urban professional, when you're finally financially stable enough to afford to buy property, chances are there's only one thing on your mind: how fast can I buy a Toronto condo? Condos are the hippest, most cutting edge type of living space in North America and everyone wants in. If you're looking to jump on the bandwagon and adopt the condo lifestyle, we can help. Here at New Condos Toronto we know everything about condos: where you can find them, what price ranges you'll be looking at, what to look for in a unit or complex, and what your lifestyle will be like as a condo owner. Read on to learn more.

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In cities, a problem arose where the real estate prices in popular areas became so high that it was actually a better investment for developers to buy up houses, demolish them, and erect enormous apartment towers. But people don't want to throw their money away on rent. They want to make an investment, to purchase their property. Condos are the compromise that allows them to have their urban property and own it too. They're basically apartments you can own, and the listings of MLS are filled with them, because condos have caught on like wildfire, especially among young urban professionals.

The reason that the condo lifestyle appeals to so many young urban professionals (and some older ones, too) is that buying a condo allows them to live closer to work and to all the fun and fascinating things that are going on in Toronto's hottest neighborhoods. If you buy a unit at The Bentley (55 Lombard St.), you'll probably be able to walk to work, to the grocery store, to the bars, to the upscale shops, and to the entertainment venues because everything will be right there at your fingertips. No long bus trips or frustrating rush hour commutes, and no suburban neighborhoods that are dead after dark.

The condo lifestyle is primarily for the young and unmarried, as condos tend to be small and the neighborhoods tend to be busy and impersonal. Once a couple gets married and starts thinking about children, they look toward detached homes in the suburbs where the kid will have room to grow, even if it means the parents have a long commute in to work. And of course you need to be fairly well to do if you want to afford a condo, especially here in Toronto, as they tend to be located in the areas of the city where living space is the most valuable.

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