Condos and Lofts For Sale In Toronto Ontario

The great thing about buying condos in Toronto is that there's always a new development coming along that you can buy into. The same is true of lofts. Toronto's population is ever-expanding, which means developers are scrambling to snap up the last available bits of land and old buildings to put up shiny new condo towers. If you're thinking of buying a condo sometime in the future or considering pre-purchasing an as-yet unfinished condo, we can give you a sneak peak at some of the upcoming condos and lofts for sale in Toronto Ontario.

Theater Park

This condo tower by Lamb Development is going to be an elegant 47 storey steel and glass box with an interesting facade of crossed beams and wide windows. Located in the King Street West neighbourhood, the Theater Park development is helping the neighbourhood rival Yorkville condos in desirability. Some interesting features this condo tower will have include a public park fronting the street. There will be 240 units in the building and the pricing for them will start at just under $300,000. Units are expected to start selling in November or December of 2010, before work on the tower begins.

Kew Beach Living

If giant towers like Theater Park or Spire Condo - Adelaide & Church aren't your thing, you might prefer the Kew development. It's a low rise condo complex that will be located in the Beaches neighbourhood of Toronto within walking distance of the shore. If the plans are approved, the resulting building will have a high proportion of one bedroom units to appeal to singletons. Pricing is expected to be around $350,000 for one of these units. As of yet there's no schedule for selling the units as the Beaches neighbourhood still hopes to block the project.

Tableau Park

The Entertainment District is one of the hottest (and most crowded) downtown Toronto neighbourhoods. As opposed to a place like Bayview Eglinton, which has a more neighbourhood-y feel, this neighbourhood is all city. Tableau Park is slated to the latest addition to its metal and glass skyline. No word yet on when development will start or when the units will start selling, but realtors expect most of the units in the building will be around $400,000.

One Park West

While projects like Kew and Tableau Park are still in the preliminary stages of development, One Park West is already in the swing of selling, so get your Toronto mortgage broker on the phone if you think you might be interested. One Park West is a lower rise glass tower that's square it its looks and has decorative accents that look not unlike Tetris blocks. Located in the east side of downtown, the units in this building are in the high $300,000s to mid $400,000s and up.

In some cases, you can find a condo apartment in Toronto that is undervalued and into which you can throw some investment dollars in renovations. Of course, the logic in doing so often depends on the amount to be invested compared to the increase in value due to those interior renovations. Just be sure that if you're doing renovations that you get as much GST or HST back, since in many cases that expense can be rebated to you. Learn more at

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