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Moving to another city, like Toronto, is a big decision. You may be hesitant to commit because you're worried about whether you'll be able to buy wrought iron furniture in Toronto or get to work without a car. These are all legitimate concerns that can be assuaged by research. Let us get you started down the research path by describing, briefly, what life in Toronto is like for the average resident.

If you were living in Toronto, you'd probably have a job in one of the city's major industries - tourism, health care, finance, or business. You might be coordinating the menus for the Canadian franchises of major American restaurants or tracking the price of gold or tending to sick children. Whatever you do, you will have an easier time finding a job here than in a small town or even a small city.

There are also a lot more people in the city. Because the population density is so high developers are more likely to put a condo tower in Granite Place, Toronto rather than a house. If you live in Toronto, chances are you will be renting an apartment for most of your life. You might be able to save up and buy one of the condos or lofts for sale in Toronto. If you have a spouse, the two of you may be able to combine your incomes and purchase a house, but that usually means moving to the suburbs.

Because there are so many people in Toronto, there are also lots of things to do. For fitness, Toronto residents like to go to the gym or jog in the park. For fun, they like to go to concerts, movies, clubs, out to dinner, to museums, and to shows. There are plenty of these in Toronto - more than you can visit in a lifetime. There's also plenty of shopping, so there's very little that you can't get here in Toronto.

Getting from home to the one of the great gym clubs in the city to the mall and back again in Toronto is easy for everyone. Traffic can be pretty congested at rush hour, especially if you have your own car. But the upshot of this is that there's a great public transit system that goes pretty much everywhere on a regular basis. Through a combination of streetcar, bus, train, and subway routes you can get anywhere you need to go even if you don't have a car. In fact, many city dwellers don't own cars even if they can afford them.

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